Volvo Logistics Corporation

“Volvo Logistics Adopt Vehnet Intelligence-based Technology”

Volvo Logistics (VLC) has awarded UK-based Vehnet Ltd a ground breaking contract to supply an intelligence-based business solution to manage operations at its Mercatordok Multimodal Terminal in Ghent, Belgium.

The software offers a fully integrated solution for managing the import, storage, processing and export of finished vehicles, trailers, containers, truck bodies and high and heavy cargos.

The contract was awarded in May 2005 and is due to go live in the autumn.

The benefits of introducing Vehnet include allowing VL to manage the terminal proactively, not reactively and automating many manual procedures through the Vehnet Intelligent Workflow Engine™ (VIWE)™.

The system will handle the full lifecycle of cargo on RO/RO vessels, trucks, trains and barges.

The supported business functions include: Comprehensive partner Messaging (including ASN, Manifest and Bookings), Discharge and Loading, Tallying, Staging, Damage Inspections, Yard Management, Port Security Compliance, System Alerts, Tariffs and Billing.

The Automation benefits of the Vehnet Intelligent Workflow Engine™ (efficiency, accuracy and speed) will be enhanced by using the latest WIFI, Bar Code, Imaging, Scanning and Browser technology.

With the Vehnet systems in place, VL will be able to interface with new customers and generate additional revenue streams to the terminal.

The Ghent terminal is expected to handle some 220,000+ units a year, aiming to grow VL’s business volumes and improve service to its customers.

This contract with VL represents a further milestone for Vehnet Ltd as they are increasingly recognised as the leading global solutions provider for any requirement in the finished vehicles supply chain.”